“Grilled” Chicken & Summer Squash

Hi there!  It has been a hot week here in Boston and I have been craving a yummy grilled meal.  Unfortunately, we don’t have outdoor space, which means we have to get a little creative.  With the help of my handy-dandy Grill Pan, I can get pretty close to the real thing (just look at those grill marks!).

A few quick tips on getting the perfectly grilled chicken using a Grill Pan:

  • Let the grill pan get hot on the stove top before you spray it.
  • Once it is hot (you can test it by sprinkling just a drop of water and if it sizzles, then it’s ready), spray the pan with cooking spray, place the chicken in the pan and do not touch it for 3-4 minutes.  This is the key to searing and getting those grill marks on your chicken from the grill pan.
  • You will know when you can flip it to the other side once it doesn’t stick at all when you go to flip it.  (It will be about 3 minutes or so).  Again, when you flip the chicken – don’t move it for another 3-4 minutes so that it is able to sear those grill marks onto the other side of the meat.  Once seared, you move it into the oven to cook the rest of the way through.
  • Steps & rest of recipe below – but thought these steps might be helpful for those that have not mastered the grill pan yet (it took me quite a while to figure it out).


Grill Pan Chicken Recipe Card.png

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